Support CHARISM and Team Red at the Charity Challenge!!!

Who We Are:  CHARISM is a neighborhood
support center offering a safe and welcoming anchor point to underserved youth and their families through relationship-based,
skill-building programs and services that
improve quality of life.

Our Objectives:  Our organization objectives
are to develop safe and peaceful neighborhoods
of self-sufficient, thriving children and families.

Key Programs:  Our key programs are our after-school and summer youth development programs that emphasize STEM learning and good character with caring adult mentors for students who often come from unstable or stressed families with few resources. Another key program is our twice-a-week Grocery Assistance Program, which connects more than 200 low-income families each week with groceries recovered from stores that would otherwise be thrown away, allowing families to put food on their tables when money gets tight.

Why Run for CHARISM?  
CHARISM is working to Build Stronger Neighborhoods, where every child and neighbor has opportunities to be successful in school, work and life regardless of difficult life situations. We partner with many other community organizations to provide our neighbors with as many resources and opportunities as we can. 

When you run for CHARISM, you are making a difference in the lives of over 600 individuals that are impacted by CHARISM’s programs. You are helping create a safe place for our neighbors to go, and helping build a neighborhood where each family has opportunities to achieve whatever their goals and dreams may be no matter what they live!