Test Run on the Charity Challenge Trail

My friend Josh and I were blazing some trails this past Sunday - with temps in the mid 60's Fahrenheit, it was a great opportunity to get out there and enjoy a day in the park. Needless to say folks, this is a trail course. 90% of our route will be grass, and some actually pretty technical (well, not really technical).  

Potential 6 hour registrants who may be concerned about the impact of time on pavement can rest assured that isn't going to be a problem here. 

As a trail runner, I was quite surprised that Fargo had something of a gem of a trail like this in the Iwen & Lions Conservancy Parks area - hiding in plain sight!

One particularly messy section contained some buried cars from floods long ago in the area.  I thought that was quite interesting and I'm definitely planning on featuring these guys in the race!